Illinois' Overdue Bills Are Higher Than First Reported


SPRINGFIELD -- Illinois has some overdue bills, and they are bigger than first expected. The bills are actually 16 percent higher than previously reported.

They could top $10 billion by end of the fiscal year.

Comptroller Leslie Munger told a state Senate appropriations committee Thursday that the state owes $7.6 billion to private service-providers whose work is required by court orders.

But that's not all.

There is also about $1.3 billion more owed to vendors who signed contracts with the state, but whose work is not subject to a federal consent decree.  That represents money owed for income-based college tuition grants, other university spending and social services.

The state has no authority to spend money because Republican Governor Bruce Rauner and legislative Democrats have bickered for nine months about a fiscal plan.  Munger expects the pile of backlogged bills to hit $10 billion by June 30.

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