Help for Those Hit Hard by Tuesday's Storms

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Central Illinois - The American Red Cross is on the ground across Central Illinois helping neighbors affected by the storms and tornadoes that hit our area on Tuesday, March 15th. 

Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles (ERVs) are doing seek and serve missions in  the affected areas checking on residents, distributing cleaning supplies including rakes, brooms and trash bags and providing bottled water and snacks.

Red Cross damage assessment teams are evaluating the extent of the damage to help determine what services are needed to help the residents

"We had been tracking this storm system and we were prepared to respond," said Alyssa Pollock, Regional Disaster Officer for the American Red Cross Central and Southern Illinois Region. "There are a number of areas in our region that were hit hard on Tuesday night and we have we have a large team of volunteers and staff assisting those affected by the storms and tornadoes." 

Pollock adds that trained Red Cross caseworkers will meet one-on-one with people to create recovery plans, navigate paperwork and find help from other agencies and in some situations, the Red Cross may provide direct financial assistance to people who need extra help.

The Red Cross encourages anyone affected by the storms and tornadoes and in need of assistance, to please contact the Red Cross toll-free at (844) 319-6560.

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