Senate Democrats Say Key to Properly Fund K-12 Isn't Just More Money


Springfield - Governor Bruce Rauner has once again said that education is the biggest part of the state's budget, and the most important item to be funded.

The governor is calling for increased spending, and funding schools at the state's foundation level at 100% for the first time in recent years.
However, some at the Capitol say simply putting more money into the pot doesn't fix the problem of needier schools getting their fair share.

"Now they're calling for more spending.  At the same time, they're arguing against higher education funding.  I think the idea that we just go throw more money at a broken system is a flawed concept.  And that's what the governor's budget provides.  Simply spending more money in the system we have today isn't going to fix that," said Senator Andy Manar (D-Bunker Hill).

Both the Senate and the House will return to the Capitol on April 4th.

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