State Senator Seeks Plate To Help Monarch Butterfly


SPRINGFIELD----It's an effort to make sure monarch butterflies continue to spread their wings and fly in Illinois. A Senate Democrat is proposing a special license plate to help preserve the monarch.

State Senator Melinda Bush of Grayslake is seeking a plan that would allow motorists to pay a surcharge for stickers to show support for the butterfly's importance. The monarch butterfly population in Illinois has dropped 90 percent in the past 20 years due to changes in its habitat.

Bush says monarchs use milkweed plants to lay eggs and feed. She suggests that interstate highway medians could be developed with the plant, so the monarch can visit the milkweeds with little distraction.

If it becomes reality, the butterfly option would be the first to comply with a new specialty plate law that provides stickers to put on otherwise standardized plates for easy tracking by law enforcement.

The bill is SB2882 and can be viewed by clicking HERE.

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