I-TEAM Update: States Attorney Files Complaint Against Board


Wheaton – The DuPage County States Attorney has filed a complaint in circuit court against the College of DuPage Board of Trustees for how it handled the extension of a contract for the school president.  The College of DuPage was the subject of a WAND News I-TEAM report in July 2015.

As reported by several news outlets the complaint contends the board extended the contract of then President Robert Breuder’s contract on March 6, 2014 without a public vote.  States Attorney Robert Berlin contends the board’s action violates the state’s open meetings act.

Breuder was also provided with a lucrative $760,000 severance package that the board approved in January 2015.  The package was to be awarded to Breuder upon his retirement in 2016.  However, Breuder was fired by a new board and the severance package was voided. Breuder is now suing.

The board and Brueder came under fire for using taxpayer dollars for expensive meals and alcohol purchased at the Waterleaf restaurant on the college campus.  Waterleaf, a commercial restaurant, was eventually shut down by the board.  It reopened recently as an instructional facility for students.

The College of DuPage is the largest community college in Illinois.

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