Former Inmate of Decatur Correctional Center awarded $1.5 million

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Decatur - A 25-year-old former inmate at the Decatur Correctional Center is awarded $1.5 million as part of lawsuit after she says she was raped by a correctional officer. 

A jury awarded the women $500,000 in compensatory damages and $1 million in punitive damages. 

Former Correction Officer, 40-year-old Timothy Ware was charged with eight counts official misconduct for the incident in 2013. An investigation showed Ware was using his role in the prison to contact parolees and soon to be parolees. 
He is currently serving a 2 1/2 year felony probation term. 

In 2013, DOC Director S.A.Tony Iodine released a statement about the incident involving Ware. "The thousands of hardworking, rank-and-file correctional officers, security supervisors, support staff, other employees and vendors in the Illinois Department of Corrections perform their jobs diligently and honorably. On this extremely rare occasion when an individual violated our trust, the IDOC aggressively investigated and turned all findings over to the State's Attorney of Macon County. It's in the courts now and Mr. Ware is on unpaid Suspension Pending Judicial Verdict, in accordance with the union contract between the IDOC and AFSCME. "

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