Township Assessor Arrested for Theft Pleads Not Guilty

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MACON COUNTY -  The Assessor for the Whitmore-Oakley Township in Macon County who police say stole over $70,000 to purchase drugs pleads not guilty in court on Friday. 

39-year-old Tricia Napier was in charge of finances and checking accounts for the townships. Township Leaders alerted the Macon County Sheriff's Office after overdraft notices were sent. 

During an investigation officials from the township noticed that statements were missing from 2015. During a search of the bank transactions they found Napier had 88 checks with forged signatures beginning January 2015 and ending in January 2016. One of which was made out to her husband in the amount of $2,600.

Sworn statements show when Napier was questioned about her overdraft by township leaders she advised the accounts were missing over $70,000 and that she had used the money for  her addiction to OxyContin pills.

Napier will appear in court for a per-trial scheduled for May 23rd. 

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