CWLP Helping Homes to help Customers reduce energy costs

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SPRINGFIELD – City Water, Light and Power (CWLP) officials say the Energy Services Office is opening enrollment for its Helping Homes program on Monday, March 21.

The Helping Homes program, which specializes in home weatherization and energy efficiency, is designed to help qualifying senior and low-income electric customers reduce their energy costs through installation of energy-saving retrofits in their homes.

These retrofits are determined by an energy audit and can include insulation, central air conditioner or heat pump replacement, caulking and weather stripping, refrigerator replacement, lighting upgrades and other measures. The retrofits are chosen based on if they are shown to have positive savings for the money invested.

Once a customer’s home receives a Home Energy Audit, a scope of work will be specified by CWLP’s Energy Services Office. Qualified contractors will then be approved by CWLP, and work will commence. The Energy Services Office will perform a final inspection up on completion of the work.

These improvements are made at no cost to the participating customer, but the customer must first meet income guidelines based on the number of occupants in the home and anticipated total household income for the upcoming twelve months.

Applicants for the program must:

  • Be CWLP electric customers who own their home.
  • Meet HUD’s Part 5 definition of very-very low, very low, and low to moderate income (80% below median income adjusted for county and family size). 
    • For single person households: Low Income or senior customers earning less than $41,300 per year may qualify.

CWLP customers meeting program guidelines can call 217-789-2957 and will be prompted to leave their name, address and a contact number. The Energy Services Office will pre-screen customers for participation in the program on a first-come, first-served basis.

The CWLP Helping Homes program is anticipated to assist approximately 30 households before all program funds are exhausted. This is the program’s sixth year of being offered.

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