Chemical Spill causes A-C Central school to evacuate Friday morning

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CASS COUNTY – Students at A-C Central Middle School – High School were evacuated Friday morning after students and staff smelled a strange odor in the building.

Superintendent Tim Page says he received a call from Principal Stephen Groll at around 10 AM on Friday, March 18, saying there was an unidentified odor in the Middle School – High School building. Page went on to say that while no alarms or sensors were triggered, school officials still decided to clear the building in the interest of safety.

Students and staff moved to the St. Augustine Catholic Church as the local fire department and Ameren came in to investigate.

Fire personnel and Ameren workers discovered a small spill of common insecticide, mathalion, in the school’s Agriculture Department shop. The fire department then contained and cleaned up the spill. Fire officials and a local Haz Mat unit then gave school officials the call clear.

Students and staff returned to the building shortly before noon to resume the school day.

One student was transported to Prompt Care for precautionary measures, and a couple other students were examined by EMTs on site.

Superintendent Page issued a statement on the A-C Central website thanking staff, students, emergency personnel and the community for their handling of the situation.

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