"Homegrown Fest" Introduces Growers to Buyers in Person


Springfield - From seeds in the ground to the food on your table, buyers got to see homegrown products up close and personal Saturday, as well as a chance to meet those who grow what food we eat.

"The great things that community members are doing right now as far as growing their own food and cooking the food that they grew," said Alana Reynolds, garden coordinator for "Homegrown Fest."

In addition to introducing consumers to local growers and sellers, consumers were actually taught how to grow their own.  Additionally, hey were given the advice to make sure that what they grow is good for them.

They were also taught the benefits of buying food from local growers compared to  food found in the grocery store.

"It's nice to have the benefit of knowing who grows your produce, where it's grown, the care that's put into it," said James Walsh, owner of Jimmy Sticks Pepper Products.

Amy Andrews, owner of Green Thoughts Garden added, "I think you're going to get a better quality item that has more care that's put into its production and it keeps the money in the community as well."

Many of the vendors in Saturday's "Homegrown Fest" said that events like this, as well as farmer's markets, are chances to continue to grow their own company's name, and to reach new customers.

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