New Establishment In Place of Homes


DECATUR- A new neighbor is coming to the intersection of MacArthur and Pershing after the Decatur City Council approved a rezoning of the last corner with a 6-1 vote Monday evening.
The intersection sees nearly 30,000 cars a day traveling at high speeds and causing already current traffic issues. 
Resident on MacArthur Stan DeSart said, "They are not going to be able to turn left going into this place because there's too much traffic and there is a left turn lane there now its just going to cause a bottle neck."
The new location is set to be called Pershing Point and will include uses for a professional office building, retail store or restaurant. 
And, Lorey Johnson has been living in that area for 32 years and fears the new location will bring safety concerns to a once quiet and safe neighborhood. 
Johnson said, "it would create people walking up and down the street who shouldn't be walking up and down the street and if its not just an office building and it could be late at night and this is a problem."
The cities planning commission stated that this is the most restrictive and specific of zoning options and ensured that gaming establishments would not be allowed to move in but if the restaurant would want to include one that is their discretion.

To see more of the construction plans visit this link.

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