Apple's Announces Newest Products


CUPERTINO, CA - Apple has unveiled its newest products, which include a smaller iPhone and a smaller iPad -Pro.

Apple says it sold more than 30-million, 4-inch iPhones, in 2015.   The new 4-inch iPhone "SE" is meant for consumers who haven't gone for the larger-screen iPhone 6 models.    It comes with features like Apple Pay and Apple's fastest processor, which was only offered on versions of the iPhone-6.

Apple is targeting its new iPad Pro as "The ultimate PC replacement." It's a smaller version of the iPad Pro, introduced last year. Orders for both the iPhone SE and the new iPad Pro begin Thursday, March 24th and they'll be available on March 31st.  The Apple watch got a price cut.  It'll now start at $299, which is down from $349.  There's also new wristbands for it, made of woven nylon.

Apple is also releasing a new operating system upgrade,  IOS 9.3.  It comes with a new feature called "Nightshift" that automatically changes the color scheme on your device from cooler shades to warmer shades at sundown, to help you sleep better.

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