60 Guns In 60 Days


Macon – Sixty guns in sixty days.

Those are the prizes in a charitable fundraiser run by the Odd Fellows in Mt. Zion.  Money raised will be used to help local organizations and projects in the community.

Tickets are being sold by members of the Odd Fellows and at the Bullet Trap located at 279 N. Front Street in Macon.  There are only 1,000 tickets available at a cost of $100 each.  Daily drawings start on June 1, 2016 ending 60 days later.  One gun will be awarded each day for 60 days.

“The Pick 3 lottery for the thousand combinations,” is how the numbers are selected each day according to Dan Cooley, owner of the Bullet Trap.  “So there will be a winner each and every day.”

To participate you must have a valid Firearm Owners Identification (FOID) card.  You must be at least 21 and legally able to buy guns in Illinois.

Tickets are selling at a brisk pace.  Nearly half of the 1,000 tickets available have been sold since February.

Every drawing will have a different style gun as a prize.  Some of the guns include a Bushmaster AR-15 5.56;  S&W, M&P Military Police Shield, 40 SW; Thompson, 1927A-1 Dix 45ap; Glock 43, 9mm; Springfield XD-S, 45 caliber; Ruger LCRX .38sp; and Colt Commander 1991, 45ACP; Numerous other models will also be awarded.

The Bullet Trap phone number is:  (217) 764-5678.

(Pictured: Dan Cooley at the Bullet Trap)

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