Applicants announced for Champaign District 4 Council Seat

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CHAMPAIGN – City of Champaign officials announce they received ten applications to fill the upcoming vacancy in the District 4 City Council office, including a former public servant.

On March 4, the City began accepting applications from residents interested in serving out the remaining term of the District 4 Council office. That office will be vacant starting March 23, as Council Member Marci Dodds will be resigning and relocating out of the area.

Residents had to submit their application by 12 PM on Tuesday, March 22. The following residents have applied to be considered for the vacant seat:

  • Amanda E. Bloomfield
  • Jared Fitz
  • Don Gerard
  • Lisa Gundersen
  • Michael Markstahler
  • Kimberley A. Nystrom
  • Joe Petry
  • Mary Shultz
  • Benjamin Daniel Smith
  • Greg Stock

Applicants range from the former Mayor of Champaign to a University of Illinois lecturer to a data analyst.

Copies of their submitted applications can be reviewed on the City of Champaign’s website.

The Champaign City Council Members will carefully review the applicants and then interview the candidates during a special Study Session meeting on March 29. City officials anticipate they will appoint the new District 4 Council member at their regular meeting on April 5.

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