Sangamon Co. Board Candidate filing complaint against County Clerk

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SPRINGFIELD – Sangamon County Board candidate Joe Bartolomucci is filing an official complaint against Sangamon County Clerk Don Gray concerning voting irregularities in the primary election on March 15.

Bartolomucci, a Pawnee resident and Republican county board candidate on the ballot for that election, says in his official complaint that Gray did not provide enough ballots and staff on the primary day. To date, at least four polling places in county board district 4 ran out of ballots.

The candidate elaborates on staffing saying Gray failed to provide adequate staffing of election judges, deputy registrars and office personnel on that Tuesday.

According to the official complaint, Gray is quoted as saying in the State Journal Register: “It’s unknown how many people were affected by the shortage of democratic and republican ballots,” and he also said, it is unknown “how many people were unable to vote because of the problems.”

Bartolomucci is charging that Gray in his capacity as County Clerk disenfranchised registered voters in that election.

“The County Clerk’s action and lack thereof weighed heavily in the outcome of the election as well as tainting four polling places and denying citizens of their right to vote,” Bartolomucci said of the outcome of the election in his county board race.

The official complaint reads that Bartolomucci heard of several reports of District 4 polling places running out of ballots and that media could not reach the County Clerk’s office for comment. Bartolomucci also tried contacting the Clerk’s office and repeatedly got a busy signal.

He writes that he is unsure once the voting hours were extended to 8:30 PM how many voters were aware of this change. Bartolomucci says the later hours and inclement weather made it unclear if any voters would return to vote later.

The complaint explains that Bartolomucci later got in contact with Gray on March 18.

Gray has been reported as saying the numbers of ballots were determined based on how many people voted in the prior election. He explained that this year’s turnout broke records.

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