Severe Weather Outlook Categories...Do You Know What They Mean?


The Storm Prediction Center in Norman Oklahoma has the task of putting out severe weather outlooks and issuing all the watches across the US. We always say these terms and don't think about whether people know what they means. Here is what could happen or what can expected when one of these risk areas is put out. 

1-Marginal Risk...Isolated severe storms possible. Limited in duration and/or coverage and/or intensity

  • Winds 40 to 60 mph
  • Hail up to 1"
  • Low tornado risk

2-Slight Risk...Scattered severe storms possible. Short lived and/or not widespread isolated intense storms possible

  • 1 or 2 Tornadoes
  • Reports of strong winds/wind damage
  • Hail ~1"/Isolated 2"

3-Enhanced Risk...Numerous severe storms possible. More persistent and/or widespread with a few intense

  • A few tornadoes
  • Several damaging wind reports
  • Damaging hail 1" to 2"

4-Moderate Risk...Widespread severe storms likely. Long lived, widespread and intense severe storms

  • Strong tornadoes
  • Widespread wind damage
  • Destructive Hail 2"+

5-High Risk...Widespread severe storms expected. Long lived, very widespread and particularly intense.

  • Tornado Outbreak
  • intense
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