Sangamon County Board Candidate Files Complaint With State Board of Elections


Springfield - Being a presidential election year, voter turnout was expected to be high in Illinois.

However, Sangamon County Clerk Don Gray said that even he was surprised by how many headed to the polls on Primary Tuesday.

"For example down in the Chatham area and Auburn area, we have an average turnout of about 12% to 13%, where the final tallies of the election came close to 48% or 50%.  That's just something you really can't plan for," Gray said.

As a result of ballot shortages, one candidate for the Sangamon County Board has filed a complaint with the Illinois State Board of Elections.

Joe Bartolomucci said that he feels some people weren't afforded their right to cast a vote.

"It was chaos.  There was little to no communication between election judges and the county clerk's office.  More allegations are surfacing.  More reports of voting irregularities.  This really is to investigate Sangamon County as a whole by the board of elections," Bartolomucci said.

County Clerk Gray said that there were unforeseen obstacles that will serve as learning points for future elections to ensure that something like this doesn't happen again.

"We're going to examine that and come up with improvements and some recommendations for the future.  Do i think it was the greatest of timing not knowing what we were dealing with for this title wave?  Probably not, but in the same regard the greater issues of what we were dealing with were getting resources to polling places," he added.

Despite the ballot shortages, Gray said with the help of election judges, voting was extended to 8:30pm, or later Tuesday night, in some areas to give people a chance to cast their ballot.

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