Illinois College helping Students graduate in Four Years

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JACKSONVILLE – Illinois College announced Monday, March 21, that its new Finish in Four program will ensure first-time, first-year students will graduate in four years, or the college will cover the remaining courses.

Finish in Four is a voluntary program starting in Fall 2016 at Illinois College. It is one of the elements of the Graduate READY guarantee at Illinois College.

Participating students will attend Student Success workshops and be paired with an academic adviser, who will assist with academic planning, registration and career guidance. Students participating in the program will be expected to maintain continuous enrollment earning a C or better in their classes throughout the course of the program.

College President Barbara Farley says the administration is excited to be offering this opportunity to students.

“Illinois College’s dedication to student success means most of our students already graduate in four years, but this program guarantees it,” Farley says.

National studies suggest a fifth year of college can cost an average of $68,000 in additional tuition and lost wages from delayed employment. The U.S. Department of Education says 41 percent of undergraduate students need at least a fifth year to graduate.

School officials say by taking advantage of the Finish in Four program, Illinois College graduates will enter the job market before the majority of their peers from other institutions.

Additional information about the program is available on the Illinois College website, or by contacting the Office of Admissions at 217-245-3030 or through email at

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