State Months Behind on Water Bill Payment in Taylorville


Taylorville - Whether it's for laundry, dishes, or drinking, water is a daily essential.

Like everything else in life, it comes with a price.

In Taylorville, the Christian County Correctional Center continues to receive water services, but the state is way behind on its bill.

"They have a history of being delinquent with their payments.  Two to three months has kind of become the normal for them.  But this latest budget impasse is the one that's stretched to seven or eight months now.  And we're talking somewhere between $250,000 and $300,000," said Taylorville mayor Greg Brotherton.

Brotherton said that city council members are at a boiling point with the state, so much, that they're trying to tack on late fees.

The state's comptroller isn't happy with that, and says the city legally is unable to.

Despite that statement from the comptroller's office, Brotherton says the city attorney is looking into the matter.

"A motion was made to have our city treasurer to begin the process of charging late fees to the state on their delinquent water bill payments.  They think there's a section in there that discounts municipalities.  In other words we would not be able to do that," he added.

That money could be used elsewhere according to some.

"That money would help with the ongoing construction for our brand new water plant that we anticipate starting on this fall," said Earl Walters.

Walters also said that if he has to pay his bill on time or face having his water shut off, so should the state.

"Until I pay that bill, plus a late fee, to get it turned back on I will have no water.  So I feel that the state of Illinois is no better or no different than me, as an individual, or any other citizen of Taylorville," he added.

Taylorville is just one of several cities around the state owed money, including Springfield, where CWLP is owed millions on its electric bill.

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