Vietnam Veterans Celebrated at 4th Annual Recognition Day


DECATUR- Another year, another celebration for Vietnam Veterans at the Decatur Civic Center on Saturday.

For America, the Vietnam War was a controversial war, leaving returning Veterans feeling alone and less than honorable. However, to Veteran George Frank he said the attitude and acceptance from America has changed for the better. 

Frank said, ""here in the last few years the military has come back the the public's perception of the military has increased and the vets are definitely welcome now and the vietnam vets are getting their welcome back now and Its just an awesome deal we got going."

Honoring Vietnam Vets like Frank is David Freyling's purpose by hosting the 4th Vietnam Veteran Recognition day. Freyling said,"we are trying to bring back what they didnt have before the love the compassion they didnt receive its not like the ww2 guys. They went over there and they come back and they rebuilt a country these gentlemen did the same thing but they werent recognized for it thats why we want to recognize them today."

The celebration is held yearly with hopes of honoring the thousands of Veterans who served in a war that broke the hearts of many. 

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