U Of I Researchers Have New Method To Trap Particles


CHAMPAIGN----University of Illinois researchers have developed a new method that helps with precise control of an individual particle or molecule.

The method relies on fluid flow to manipulate and assemble multiple particles. This new technique can trap a range of submicron to micron-sized particles, including DNA molecules, vesicles, drops or cells.

Many methods exist for particle trapping, including optical, magnetic, acoustic and electrical forces. But researchers say many of these techniques change or bother the system being observed. The new method, called the Stokes Trap, can be used for studying a broad range of systems across multiple length scales. The Stokes Trap controls movement of particles from a set starting position to a set ending position.

The research group hopes the Stokes Trap will become as universal as other commonly used trapping methods. The study results were reported in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. For more information about the latest issue, click HERE.

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