I-TEAM Update: Man Blows Leg Off With Exploding Target


Decatur – A Georgia target shooter blew his leg off after packing 3 pounds of explosives into an old lawn mower.

The Walton County, Georgia man was using what are known as exploding targets, commonly sold under the brand name Tannerite.

Exploding targets and the risks of using them were the subject of a WAND News I-TEAM report on July 28, 2014.  They are legal in Illinois but can be dangerous if used improperly.

Exploding targets explode when struck with a high velocity bullet.

A local sheriff said the Georgia man should have been 100 yards away from the mower.  He can be seen in a video moving closer as he is firing his gun.  It’s believed he was only 14 yards away when the mower exploded sending out shrapnel and taking off his leg.

The man is identified as 32 year old David Pressley.

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