A Rash of Fires Cause A New Warning of Prevention Tips


HARRISTOWN- 29 year old John Gwin's home was on fire for nearly 2 hours before flames were completely put out, now authorities are taking steps to offer another round of prevention tips.

After an investigation found the cause of Sunday mornings fire in Harristown to be a result of a gas stove left on Sgt. Scott Flannery of the Macon County Sheriff's Department wants to let others know just how preventable this scenario can be,

Flannery said," They always recommend that when you spring forward, the time change is when you change the batteries and of course when you spring back is when you should change your batteries again, twice a year. And hopefully, everybody will take this to heart and change their batteries in their smoke detectors."

Family was searching through the remains of Gwin's home Monday afternoon. He leaves behind a wife and 2 young children. 

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