Soil Temperatures


Central Illinois-There have been a few questions asking about soil temperatures coming in via email and social media. Giving an exact number is hard because there are only 5 reporting sites across central Illinois. We can look at the data from those sites and interpolate the information to give an estimate for other locations.

Monday, March 28th reports looked like this across central Illinois:

Daily Max:

2" Bare Soil Daily Max: Upper 50s to lower 60s    

4" Bare Soil Daily Max: Upper 50s to near 60

4" Sod Daily Max: Lower 50s 

8" Sod Daily Max: Upper 40s to near 50. 

Daily Minimum:

2" Bare Soil: Low to Mid 40s

4" Bare Soil: Mid 40s

4" Sod Soil: Mid to Upper 40s

8" Sod Soil: Upper 40s to near 50

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