New Exhibit Gives Intimate View Of Lincoln's Life


SPRINGFIELD----A new exhibit coming to the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum will give visitors an up close and personal look at Lincoln's family, career, finances, and presidency.

The "Unfinished Work" exhibit features documents and artifacts from the large Taper collection.

Here is a partial list of some of the items in the collection:

  • A promissory note in which Lincoln promised to pay $379.82, an amount he called “my national debt.”
  • His patent for a mechanism to get stranded riverboats off of obstructions. No other U.S. president has held a patent.
  • His beloved stepmother’s “X” signature on a receipt.
  • A gorgeously illustrated copy of the Emancipation Proclamation.
  • A ticket to his funeral at the White House.

"Unfinished Work" begins April 15 and runs through May 15. The exhibit takes its name from the Gettysburg Address, when Lincoln described the unfinished work of bringing freedom to the nation. The exhibit will be presented in the museum's Illinois Gallery, and is free with regular admission to the museum. For more details, please click HERE.

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