First Month of Medical Marijuana Business Good for Springfield, Patients

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Springfield - "I crashed this motorcycle with no helmet on.  Severe head trauma," recalls Herb, a medical marijuana patient.

Speaking on a first name basis, for concern of someone coming after his prescription marijuana, he told WAND News how medicinal marijuana has impacted his life.

Herb was 27 years-old when a motorcycle crash in Arizona almost claimed his life.

As a result of that crash, he's been plagued with severe head pain ever since.

"After titanium plates being installed where my forehead used to be, this creates great pain and pressure on the front of my head.  This is no regular headache you've had," he said.

He gets his medical marijuana from HCI Alternatives in Springfield.

HCI Alternatives initially started with 26 qualified patients in February, and has grown to 75 in one month, indicating continued growth and interest in Sangamon County.

Herb said that since he's started using it, he has noticed major improvements in handling pain.

"Without something effective to alleviate this pain, it's miserable almost sometimes.  Smoking marijuana helps take a lot of the pressure that's on the front of my forehead and certainly helps with the pain.  And it's also good for preventing me from having seizures which is a result of the head injury.  It really helps alleviate this pressure that's on it," he added.

Of the nearly 75 individual customers to walk through the door in the first month, 53 have been repeat business with the average customer spending about $165 per visit.

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