UIUC Softball Player who damaged menorah also receiving Second Chance

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URBANA – Much like a Parkland student who committed the same offense, University of Illinois softball player Ruby Fernandez-Rivera will also be admitted to Champaign County’s Second Chance Program after she damaged a menorah on campus.

Our partners at the News-Gazette report the 21-year-old shortstop is being accepted into the program, as of Tuesday, March 29. Mary Schenk writes if she completes the terms of an agreement she signed on Thursday, she will be able to plead guilty to a misdemeanor offense for court supervision and escape having a conviction on her record.

The Illini Chabad’s Jewish Center menorah had a branch broken off of it by Fernandez-Rivera back in February 2016. It had been previously repaired after Parkland student Max Kristy pushed it over and damaged it in August 2015.

Kristy also later was admitted to the Second Chance Program. He is now serving his year of court supervision after pleading guilty in late February to misdemeanor criminal damage to property, according to the News-Gazette.

Kristy did public service and wrote an apology to the Chabad. The News-Gazette reports Fernandez-Rivera will also be following this same path. If she complies and makes it through court supervision, her felony charge will also be dismissed.

While it was previously reported that the softball player would be suspended from the team indefinitely, the News-Gazette writes she has since returned to playing.

The News-Gazette states although the Chabad has not replaced the menorah, they are in the process of designing a “more solid structure and raising the funds to do so.”

The News-Gazette’s full article can be found here.

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