Locally founded MakerGirl Reaches Goal To Travel Nationwide


CHAMPAIGN- MakerGirl started in November 2014 and since has provided successful 3D Imaging sessions for girls ages 7-10, all while encouraging them to enter into STEM fields.

STEM fields, Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, have historically been male dominated fields until recently but even now students at the U of I wanted to make sure every girl understood that she can accomplish any goal and go into any career. 

Sona Kaul, Director of Finance for MakerGirl said, "this is the age where this  could be the pivotal point where they would be interested or not interested in joining a stem field in the future."

Since holding 55 sessions with over 400 participants, MakerGirl is ready to rock nationwide. Creating a Kick Starter campaign that began March 1, the group was hoping to reach $30,000 by April 1. Currently they have exceeded that amount by nearly $500.00

The goal is to take the program mobile, by trucking it through states throughout the United States. 

MakerGirl Marketing Director Lauren Wenig said, "We've had interest from Alabama, Arkansas, San Francisco, New Jersey, Wisconsin are just some of them but they are constantly being changed and added."

If you would like to donate to this innovative idea visit their website today.

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