Children's Miracle Network Names 2016-2017 Illinois Champion Ambassador


Springfield - On Wednesday the Children's Miracle Network named their 2016-2017 Illinois Champion Ambassador.
Four year-old Brenna Westlake suffers from Harlequin ichthyosis.
It's a rare genetic disorder that causes the body to produce too much skin.

Brenna's family hopes that her story and battles in life will help other families, and inspire others to continue to donate to the Children's Miracle Network.

"Her announcement today just outlines how far she's come and how well she's doing and I hope that it inspires other families who are at the beginning of their journey to not lose hope and to just love their kids," said Brenna's mother, Courtney Westlake.

As champion ambassador, Brenna and her family will speak to other families in Washington D.C., and Orlando, Florida, as well as help fundraise for the Children's Miracle Network.

You can read Courtney's blog, which goes in depth about Brenna's journey, here.

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