Clerk's Office Clarifies Voter Registration Mailing


ILLINOIS----McLean County Clerk Kathy Michael says election authorities have recently been made aware of a mailing that was sent out in March from the Voter Participation Center in Chicago.

The mailing is meant for all non-registered voters in the state of Illinois. Michael said her office was advised of a second similar mailing going out this summer. In the mailing, information is contained in a letter from the VPA and a voter registration form with the name and address of each applicable election authority for their reference if they choose to register to vote.

Michael said that since the notices are not originating from the clerk's office, but instead an outside organization, there could be the possibility that some may go out to those who are already registered vote, those who have moved, and even those who have passed away. Michael said all such voter registration forms properly completed and forwarded to the clerk's office will be processed. According to Michael, the State Board of Elections confirms VPA is a legitimate company operating as a non-government, nonprofit and nonpartisan organization.

The McLean County clerk says anyone who wants more information, or wants to be removed from the mailing list should call 877-255-6750 or contact VPA at

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