Program to help you safely dispose of expired and unused prescription drugs

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SPRINGFIELD  – The Sangamon County Sheriff's Office and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) will be teaming up to help you safely rid your homes of potentially dangerous, expired, unused, and unwanted prescription drugs.

All you'll need to do is bring your pills for disposal to Sangamon County Public Health at 2833 S. Grand Ave East Springfield, IL 62703.  (The DEA cannot accept liquids or needles or sharps, only pills or patches.)  The service is free and anonymous, no questions asked.

Programs like this have been a huge success. Last year alone, people across the country turned in 350 tons (over 702,000 pounds) of prescription drugs at more than 5,000 sites operated by the DEA and more than 3,800 of its state and local law enforcement partners.  Overall, in its 10 previous Take Back events, DEA and its partners have taken in over 5.5 million pounds—more than 2,750 tons—of pills. 

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