Illinois Supreme Court Raises Attorney Registration Fee


ILLINOIS----The Illinois Supreme Court has announced that the annual registration fee for attorneys practicing in the state will go up by $3.00 next year.

The hike in funds will be directed to the Lawyers' Assistance Program, a not-for-profit organization assisting attorneys, judges, and law students get confidential assistance with substance abuse, addiction, and mental health issues.

Under the amended Supreme Court rule 756, the annual registration fee will go up from $382 to $385 in 2017 for attorneys who have been active for three years or longer.

The entire amount of the $3.00 fee increase will be remitted to the Lawyers' Assistance Program to help the organization meet the increasing demand of assistance requested, enhance its outreach and educational efforts, and establish a statewide presence.

More information on the Lawyers' Assistance Program can be found by clicking HERE.

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