Words of Frederick Douglass Live On


SPRINGFIELD- A ceremony held at the Old State Capitol in Springfield Sunday, honored the words that Frederick Douglass spoke 150 years ago this weekend.

Frederick Douglass was the first African American to speak at the State Capitol back in 1866. Sunday, a ceremony complete with historical re-enactor and many others was held in honor of his legacy and his speeches that still carry weight in today's world.

Guest speaker Douglas King said, "We're living right now as a country in a society that can be pretty ugly, sometimes it can be me versus us. I think Mr. Douglass' [words] can help us shed some insight on how he and Mr. Lincoln came to believe in the same goals even though they may not have agreed on how to get there, they ultimately agreed on the same goals."

Douglass addressed citizens at the Old State Capitol April 4 and 5 and delivered speeches on Lincoln's assassination and on the reconstruction of Southern States.

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