Vermilion County Clerk investigates Primary Election issue


VERMILION COUNTY - The Vermilion County Clerk's Office has announced that more than 30 federal ballots were inadvertently handed out and cast in the General Primary Election on March 15.

According to a news release, election authorities were notified of these ballots, and that the ballots were isolated to avoid confusion.  The investigation into this situation revealed that 20 Federal Republican ballots and 15 Federal Democratic ballots were cast on Election Day, resulting in 0.3 percent of the 39.55 percent turnout.

The Vermilion County Clerk's Office says the ballots did not affect the overall outcome of the original election results, and that election judges will have additional training in order to avoid a similar incident.

If you would like to review the official results of the General Primary Election in Vermilion County, click here.

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