Pharmacists could distribute Naloxone without prescription under new program

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SPRINGFIELD - Pharmacists throughout the state will now have the ability to dispense a potentially life-saving medicine used to combat morphine and heroin overdoses, thanks to a new, web-based training course.

Certified pharmacists who complete the Illinois State Opioid Antagonist Training Program will gain the ability to dispense Naloxone without a prescription to trained first responders, school nurses, or anyone at risk of an overdose.  This new training program is part of a new law passed in September 2015 to combat opioid use and overdose deaths in the state.

Naloxone is used to counter the effects of overdose from narcotics, like morphine and heroin.  

Pharmacists are encouraged to register for this training program by clicking here.  Naloxone standardized procedures for pharmacists may be found here.

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