Lottery Hands Out Gift Cards & Tickets


Springfield – Monday afternoon grocery shopping turned into smiles for 125 people.

The Illinois Lottery handed out 125 envelopes to people in the checkout line at the Schnucks on East Sangamon.  25 envelopes contained lottery tickets.  100 contained lottery tickets and $50 Schnucks gift cards.

“You can always use a gift card when you have kids,” one woman told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  She also had a winning lottery ticket worth $70.  “$130 for coming to the grocery store.  You can’t beat that.”

The giveaways are part of the Illinois Lottery Day of Luck campaign.

Free gasoline was given out to 100 individuals in Joliet.  Free sandwiches were the main course from Cheesies food truck in Chicago.  While other lucky winners picked up free coffee and donuts from a food truck called Beavers Donuts in downtown Chicago.

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