Living With Parkinson's Disease


TUSCOLA- Symptoms associated with Parkinson's Disease can include loss of movement, stiffness, and in some cases paralysis.  And one man has been battling the disease well before the average age when people are diagnosed with the condition.

Elvin Kauffman was first told he had Parkinson's Disease at 35 years old. Since, he has been doing anything in his power to counter act his condition.

He underwent a risky surgery called Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, where electrodes are embedded into the brain and nervous system to assist in regaining normal muscle habits.

Kauffman said, "I couldn't throw a ball before surgery that was the worst part I couldn't play ball with my daughter and after the surgery I was able to go throw a ball with the dog and all that. That's a big positive."

He has been making strides with rehabilitation while enduring a disease that could claim him, however, the surgery has granted him another 10 plus years.

He said, "There's people worse off than me so might as well live my life."

To assist in raising awareness for this disease we've added a link that will direct you to the Michael J. Fox Foundation Page.

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