Tenth Warmest March on Record in Illinois


March 2016 will go down as a mild month in the Illinois. State Climatologist Jim Angel says the statewide average temperature was 46.5 degrees! That is 5.2 degrees above normal! Illinois was not alone as the biggest departures from average for March were seen across the Dakotas and Minnesota. Several areas saw +8 to +10 degree temperature departures! 

March has not been the only month with above average temperatures. Angel says from September 2015 through March 2016 the average state wide temperatures was 45.6 degrees, which is +3.9 degrees above normal. This is the 3rd warmest combo since records began in 1895! 

Angel says these warmer temperatures are partly due to a moderating influence of El Nino, plus winters have been trending milder the past several years. The only exception was 2013-14. 

Precipitation state wide came in at an average of 3.28", that is +0.32" above normal. The highest rain total was at Smithland Lock and Dam in Pope County in southern Illinois of 8.73" and lowest total Quincy Airport of only 1.08". 

Here at WAND Chief Meteorologist JC Fultz says our station recorded an average mean temperature of 48.6 degree for March. That is +5.9 degrees above normal! Rainfall numbers also ended above average with 3.46" falling, that is +0.87" above normal. The yearly number show us running around -0.25" below normal with 6.48" in the gauge so far for 2016.

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