Affidavit of interim police chief submitted in lawsuit involving former police chief, City of Decatur

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DECATUR - In an update to a story WAND brought you in February, an affidavit of interim Decatur Police Chief Jim Getz has been submitted as part of an ongoing lawsuit involving former Decatur Police Chief Brad Sweeney, the City of Decatur, and Decatur City Manager Tim Gleason.

In the affidavit, Chief Getz says he drove Gleason from Decatur to an airport in St. Louis on the order of then-Police Chief Sweeney.  Gleason also says he did not consider the trip "a violation of law or a violation of a policy or procedure of the Decatur Police Department," and had no cause to question Sweeney's order.

According to the lawsuit filed by Sweeney, the then-Police Chief considered this use of resources would be improper, and that "Gleason 'ordered' Police Chief Sweeney to have the police car waiting at the Decatur Civic Center on May 7 to transport Gleason to the St. Louis Airport for his vacation."  

However, in Gleason's affidavit, Gleason says he did not order Sweeney to drive him, and that Sweeney "volunteered to do so, before delegating the transport to another under his command, so he could remain for the entire State of the City Address."  Gleason also says that he does not consider that accommodation between the City and himself as unlawful or again any policy or regulation, and that Sweeney did not state that he thought the accommodation violated any law, policy, or regulation prior to his termination.

Jim Getz's full affidavit may be accessed by clicking here.  A motion to dismiss the lawsuit by the City of Decatur and City Manager Gleason is also included in that link.

We will provide more information as it becomes available.

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