Harristown officials: Boil Order Rumors are not true

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HARRISTOWN – Village of Harristown officials are declining rumors that the village is under a boil order, and that any discolored water is a result of fire hydrant flushing.

Last week, village officials say they notified residents of fire hydrant flushing by taping flyers to their doors. They say fire hydrant flushing does come with a chance of discolored water. If any resident’s water is discolored, officials advise that all they need to do is flush and/or let the cold water tap run until the discoloration clears.

Officials also say Harristown is not under any boil orders due to this or for any other reason. The Village has not had any type of boil order since October of last year.

Village officials are speaking out about the flushing as it has sparked several rumors around the Village, namely that they are under a boil order and that the water is not safe to drink. Those rumors are untrue.

According to officials, the water is tested daily and passes all EPA testing.

Any residents with questions or concerns are encouraged to call the Village office at 217-963-2980 or Mayor Rose Marie Ross at 217-963-2587.

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