U of I Students React to Proposed Bill

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URBANA- A new bill passing through the Illinois General Assembly would make it illegal for colleges to ask about criminal history on college applications.

The bill sponsored by Representative Barbara Wheeler (R-Crystal Lake) with local Representative Carol Ammons (D-Urbana) as a chief co-sponsor.

The bill would allow a college or university to ask a student, after being admitted, about their criminal history.

The University of Illinois has not come out as a proponent or opponent on this legislation.

We spoke with students on the University of Illinois campus who had mixed views on the proposal.

One student we spoke with was against the legislation, citing safety as the reason for her concern.

Another student, thought that applicants should reveal their criminal history, but only so they can illustrate to the admissions advisers how they have changed and learned from their past mistakes.

While many others we spoke with did not think a non-violent criminal history should have any bearing on acceptance into a college.

The bill has passed the House Higher Education Committee, and will now move to the House floor.

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