Decatur Police arrest man for Vehicular Invasion and Armed Robbery

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DECATUR – Decatur officers arrested a Decatur resident on charges of vehicular invasion and armed robbery after he threatened a woman with a knife and had her drive him to the bank.

An officer was dispatched to the 1200 block of North Van Dyke Street at 6:40 PM on April 4 in regards to a report of a vehicle hijacking. Upon arrival, the officer met with the victim who said she had been sitting in the parking lot of U-Top waiting for her granddaughter when a man who she was acquainted with entered the car and sat in the front passenger seat.

The victim says the suspect then displayed a three inch long folding knife and demanded $500 from her.

She tells Decatur Police she did not have that much money and gave him the small number of bills in her purse. The suspect then demanded more and that she drive to an ATM and withdraw all her money.

At this point, the victim’s granddaughter exited U-Top and saw the man in the car with her grandmother. The man then told her to get in the car, and the three drove to the Busey Bank branch on North Water Street.

While this was happening, the victim received a call from her husband who had observed her vehicle leaving the U-Top parking lot. The victim left the call open but dropped it on the ground to appear as though she had hung up the call.

The victim withdrew money from the ATM and gave the suspect the money. She was then told to drive to the intersection of Leafland and Pine streets, where the suspect got out of the car and ran east.

When the suspect left the car, the victim’s husband followed the man to the Lexington Apartments on North Van Dyke Street.

The victim’s husband told Decatur Police he had heard through the phone call where they were going and managed to stay close behind. The husband told authorities he recognized the suspect as someone he had known for many years.

Decatur Police have identified the suspect as 65-year-old Willie Fox.

The husband followed Fox until he lost sight of him around the west side of the Lexington Apartment building.

With this evidence, Decatur Police arrested Fox at 8:56 AM on Tuesday, April 5. He faces charges of vehicular invasion, armed robbery and attempted armed robbery.

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