Decatur's Municipal Aggregation program renewed

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DECATUR - Decatur officials say the City's Municipal Aggregation program was recently renewed, offering residents another option when it comes to selecting their electricity supplier.

City officials say Homefield Energy was recently selected to remain as the aggregation program's supplier, and that the new agreement was reached in an effort to "lock in" lower rates than what are expected when the current contract expires in June 2016.

Under the program, the new rate is $.0595 per kilowatt hour over a 36-month period.  Officials say that price is lower than Ameren's rate of $.0677 per kilowatt hour.

Residents and small businesses are also expected to receive an "OPT-Out" notice from Homefield Energy, which can be used if participants wish to withdraw from the program.  Those who wish to continue in the program will not need to respond to the notice, as re-enrollment is automatic.

There is no penalty for not enrolling or for opting out of the program at any time, and participants are still eligible for all of the same programs, like energy efficiency programs, payment agreements, and Budget Billing.

For more information, visit Homefield Energy's website.

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