Free electronics recycling offered to Mt. Pulaski residents

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MT. PULASKI - Residents of Mt. Pulaski and surrounding areas are invited to drop off any unwanted electronics at a special recycling event on April 23.

From 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 p.m., citizens may come to the Mt. Pulaski Township Shed, located at 404 South Spring Street, and drop off their unwanted electronics.  We have included a list of accepted electronics that can be recycled below:

- Desktop, Laptop, and Tablet Computers
- LCD Monitors
- Printers
- Computer Peripherals
- LCD and Plasma TVs
- Satellite and Cable Equipment
- Projectors
- VCRs
- DVD Players
- Video Game Consoles
- Radios
- Speakers
- Cellular/Mobile Phones
- Smart Phones
- Telephones
- Toner
- Networking Equipment and Cables
- Mailroom Equipment
- Point of Sale Equipment
- Pagers
- Cameras
- Camcorders
- Power Tools
- Fax Machines
- Answering Machines
- Battery Backups
- Surge Suppressors and Power Strips
- Power and Accessory Cables
- Walkie Talkies
- Ink Cartridges

Residents are advised that while most items will be accepted free of charge, the following items will have a fee to recycle:

- CRT Televisions: $20
- CRT Monitors: $10
- Projection TVs: $40
- Non-LCD/Plasma TVs or Monitors: $40
- Console TVs: $40

If you pay money to recycle an item at this event, you are entitled to receive a voucher to be used at the Springfield BLH store.

For more information, call (217) 585-1580 or click here.

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