Boxing to Knockout Parkinson's


CHAMPAIGN, IL – A boxing class in Champaign is helping people combat Parkinson’s disease.

“I have had Parkinson’s 14-years, so I have tried a lot of things. I think this is helping with muscle control and hopefully posture which is a problem for me” says Landrum Young.

Young goes to Rock Steady Boxing to slow down the incurable disease. He says he’s getting stronger and is gaining back some balance to life.

It’s a small group with Laura Mock and her team using high-velocity and force boxing techniques to get results.

“It just freezes your body. You’re captive in your body. It’s great to see these people who want to come in and do something for their health that will make them feel better.”

Norman Hale travels just under an hour to class.

“It is a little bit of everything. I never knew that I could hit one those things like I was doing a while ago.”

Mock says anyone can open up a Rock Steady gym after taking the required class.

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