Decatur Safer Than Other Metro Cities


Decatur – Limitless Decatur & Macon County is taking the next step in marketing the cities positives.

The new campaign includes a video called “Safe Streets.  Strong Community.”  It dispels the myth that Decatur has a crime problem.

“Decatur is not as unsafe as you think we are,” Economic Development Corporation Community Marketing Manager Nicole Bateman told WAND’s Doug Wolfe.  “We actually have 55% less violent crime than Springfield.  26% less than Peoria.  23% less than Champaign-Urbana.”

Since 1996, Decatur’s violent crime rates have always been lower than Springfield.  Decatur has less 37% less property crime than Springfield, 28% less than Peoria.

Bateman says the video will target people in the 20-40 age groups and will be shown locally and in other communities via social media.

“We’re really going to pump it into markets that have been dogging Decatur for a long time and toeing that line that Decatur is an unsafe place because it’s simply not true,” Bateman stated.

Macon County also has a strong police presence with 3 law enforcement officers per 1,000 residents.

Crime statistics were gathered from FBI uniform crime reports.

(Pictured: Nicole Bateman)

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