Exterminator arrested for stealing and reselling Customers’ Property

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DECATUR – An exterminator is in custody after he was discovered stealing items from customers’ homes and reselling them.

An officer was dispatched to Flora Gems at 3:30 PM on Thursday, April 7, in regards to a report of stolen property. The owner met with the Decatur Police officer and explained that a half an hour prior, a man had been in the store trying to sell two diamond rings that the owner believed he had previously sold to a couple.

The owner provided documentation proving the rings did belong to the couple, and not the man who came to sell them. He told Decatur Police he had contacted the couple, and they confirmed that their rings had been stolen.

The owner of Flora Gems identified the seller as 37-year-old Christopher Pope and told police that Pope works for Sentinel Pest Control. Authorities say the couple later confirmed that Pope had provided pest control services at their home prior to coming to Flora Gems.

They told the officer that Pope had been in their home at 10:30 that morning and that the missing rings had been in the home before his arrival.

After Pope left the residence, he allegedly tried to sell the rings, and that is when the owner of Flora Gems contacted the couple.

An officer then contacted Pope in the 200 block of 1st Drive, and Pope admitted to providing pest control services earlier that day and stealing the rings.

While the officer was interviewing Pope, he also discovered Pope was a suspect in a theft that took place in February. In the prior incident, Pope had allegedly been servicing a house when he stole two wrist watches and sold them at Flora Gems a few days later.

Decatur Police arrested Pope at 9:22 PM on April 7 for charges of Theft Over $500 and Theft Over $10,000.

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