Tax Deadline Approaching Next Week


Springfield - It's a time of year many dread.  It's called tax season and the deadline to file is quickly approaching.

"The thing of it is this year is that Emancipation Day is celebrated on Friday, April 15th, this year and since they don't end tax season on a holiday or weekend, they've extended it to Monday, the 18th," said Nicole Copp, general manager of Liberty Tax Services in Springfield.

Copp said that each year people do miss the tax filing deadline.

She also said that if you do miss the deadline you could possibly costing yourself even more money.

"I see people year-round that come in and say 'hey I didn't file my taxes' and I spend quite a bit of time in the off-season still filing taxes for people.  If you don't file your return you're looking at a penalty up to 5% of your unpaid taxes.  So if you've got a large tax liability you're looking at a large amount in a penalty," she added.

If you don't think you'll be able to file before April 18th, Copp says you can file for an extension to get more time.

"As long as it's in by the 18th it gives you an additionally six months to file your return," said Copp.

The deadline to file is next Monday.

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