Just a Week Left to File Taxes


Springfield - There's just a week left to get your taxes filed.

The deadline this year is April 18th, which is three days later than normal.

The traditional April 15th deadline falls on a holiday this year.

If you're worried that the state's budget situation may lead to a delay in getting your  refund, fear not, tax professionals say that state returns are there without any problems.

"The state checks did start coming in right after March 1st and they have been coming in fairly regularly ever since.  So from what we've seen they're pretty much caught up now.  There hasn't been a large delay here recently in refunds.  So the state has pulled it together," said Nicole Copp, general manager for Liberty Tax Services in Springfield.

If you can't get your taxes filed by April 18th, you can apply for a extension, and that would allow you an extra six months to file.

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