A Miracle For One Monticello Teen


Monticello-The life of one 16 year old teen was saved by two residents in Monticello when seconds mattered.

Nick Stine and Matt Baker happened to be in the right place at the right time Wednesday March 30th. Logan Koss, was driving on North State Street when he suddenly hit a tree and a fence knocking him unconcious. Stine arrived moments after the crash happened and began to call 911 while also prying Koss out of the car.

Stine said, "I got to the car pulled on the door handle that's when i realized that this could be bad so i called 911 right away."

Then, Baker arrived after Stine and helped him pull Logan out of the vehicle which was catching fire quickly. Within just seconds of pulling Logan out of the car the entire truck went up in flames.

According to Monticello Police Chief Carter he said, "by the time my officers were on scene the vehicle was fully involved in fire so yes if they had waited he would not have made it."

Monday at the Monticello City Council meeting they awarded both Baker and Stine and the dispatcher who helped them with recognition awards for their courage. 

Stine said, ""its changed me a little bit i have more respect for life now."

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